Reasons to Build an Online Business


Hi there everyone,

I created this video as a follow up on my 30 Minute Facebook Work Out blog post talking about the importance of streamlining your efforts when it comes to Facebook.

This blog I talk a little more about reasons for building an online business

With the uncertainty in our economy, organizations barely can keep up with the cost to do business, the rise in health care at the same time compensate thier  employees to meet the growing demands of making ends meet. The work force has to make personal sacrifices in order to meet thier daily needs. Working 2 jobs, both parents working causing hardships on thier kids. The list can go on and on.

For last several years our overall economy has declined causing depletion in certain benefits like social security, health care benefits for the elderly. Again, the list goes on.

Is our economy on an upswing? Will it ever go back to the way it was before the last economic crisis? Some experts say the economy is on an upswing, but most say no unless drastic changes are made to the current political structures. Basically what Obama is all about quite frankly. Will the feud continue on? How long will it take for our overall economy recover so that the American people can breathe again? All these and many more unanswered questions need answers and they may not come for a long time.

Which brings me to my primary reason to  take responsibility for my own economy. I say enough depending on government and institutions for my well being. I am approaching retirement age. My 403B took a smash when the economy crashed, my entertainment business suffered, luckily I held a secured position at my job because I worked there for 17 years which allowed me to weather the economic crisis. Things are a little stable there but its far from what it use to be. In fact because of my job I know that the economy will never be the same. I don’t need an expert opinion to tell me that. Just look around, look at your water bill, property taxes, again the list goes on.

One day I was looking online for opprtunities just to see what was out there. Didn’t see much that interest me. Remember seeing an email from afriend’s wife because I had bought some health products from her. The only reason I open the email is because I recognize her name. Me and her husband have been friends forever and shared some war stories back in the rock and roll days of the Hawaii music scene. nevertheless I clicked on the link and watch Dave Woods do his thing. What caught me the most about his video was his ability to rebound from a broken life to a man of many riches. not only he was making money but he talked about the importance of building relationships with people, the importance of fellowship for a common purpose, and the relentless committment he made to take responsibillity for his life and make it what it is today. In fact, I was most empowered by his partner because I could relate to his story. So I called my friend and asked him because I trusted him, if this thing is for real. he said yes and his wife was committed to becoming wealthy as a result of this program. That was enough for me so I signed up!

Empower Network is the real deal. You know how I know? you cannot fool this many peopleVIDEO and get away with it. You just cannot!

I am working at building my own economy which I’m in control of, taking responsibility for my economic future. not only mine but my family for a measley $25 to start, you cannot go wrong. Plus all the help I get from the community especially my teamates, you cannot go wrong. The system is there, the rest is up to you bottom line. I like that, no excuses for me, the best part of it all no dependency on government or institutions to determine my destiny. If I don’t make it happen, then its on me. I like it this way, I’m inspired because Empower Network gives me a way out. Now, it just a matter of what will I do…..

If you’re like me, or feel the same way I did trapped, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and grateful for it, this whole deal is not about my job, its about after my job what will I have in place. When its time to retire, I don’t want o have to work. Only if I want to! Beleive me, all the toys I bought working will come into good use when I retire so I have a lot to do rather having to work to make ends meet. Empower Network affords me this opportunity.

All BS aside, make something happen for you, don’t wait till its too late. I will die trying rather than not doing anything at all. Get with the plan Empower Network is for real!

See you laters