My Facebook Workout


This is my Facebook 30 minute workout. I do this every morning and evening to promote my online business.

I normally start off doing everything else before I go to my Facebook account which takes about 15-20 minutes. Then I go to Facebook as the last thing to do.

I respond to my messages, view comments, respond accordingly and post a few personal things to encourage interaction. Facebook can take time so this is why I go to this part of my workout last.

The last thing I do is post my advertising messages to all the groups I belong to either through Hoot Suite and recently Post Planner. I’m still trying out Post Planner (Guru Level) and hopes it serves my purpose.

All in all, I make my workout for my online business fun and easy.  I try not to complicate things too much. there is a lot more things I could do with Facebook but for the mean time I work at improving my efforts by building a routine till I have it down with regard to time invested. Then I will add more Icome Producing Activities (IPA) to my regimen. If you don’t plan well, you can get lost in the shuffle and find yourself doing a whole bunch of things online that really don’t take you anywhere. So it important to use your time wisely and this is what I’m working on.

Last but most important, having a system that guides you through the early stages of building an online business is crucial. Choose wisely.

I chose Empower Network and it’s working out for me for the time being. This blogging platform is a prime example of EN offers. Not to mention the upline products they have available.

If your looking for a system, start with Empower Network. Its a great system to start with. I did fail to mention that thier community is by far the greatest I know of. People building relationships first along with making money! Wealth and Wellness! I could get use to that!Join Empower Network you won’t regret it!! Got questions about Empower Network, go to thier fact sheet. It will answer all your questions!

See you on the other side,

Billy Mousser