Facebook Advertisement and Fan Page Interactions


Most of you know about Facebook ads and creating them. This video discuss some of the newest algorythms that happens when posting Facebook ads.

I am definitely not an expert in Facebook advertisement but I have been exposed to a lot of information from experts and group members who know more than I do. So this is my experience with working with Facebook ads.

Recently Facebook ads requires a fan page or profile page in order to post an ad. I can’t remember how far back but within the last 7 months posting ads on Facebook didn’t require a fan page. My earlier ads got better opt-in rates from my cature page than they do now. Not sure why but I notice that most visitors that click on my ads are either directed or end up on my fan page through the notification section. You can actually see this in the stats section of your ads how many people end up on your fan page.

With this new algorythm in mind, Its best that your fan page has the ads posted on them as well so when your ad visitors are led to your fan page, they have a chance to opt-in there as well. They are also exposed to other options like tab links, other ads and other links available in the about section. For this reason its important that your fan page is well equipped with business options for your visitors to choose from. This will help cause more interaction with your fan page which is a good thing.

So as a result of the new ad algorythms I have fewer opt-ins from my capture page but more interaction on my fan page which to some degree evens out. However it requires more work because you have to respond to the comments by visitors. Not sure why Facebook has changed this but its something we have learn how to work with. Another assumption could be the association between the CPC and if a visitor is directed to your capture page or your fan page based on the amount assigned to CPC. This can make ad trial runs a little difficult because you won’t know if an ad accurately working to your liking. Most test runs are done in an inexpensive manner.

So here is my opinion about Facebook ads and the new algorythms and the association to fan pages. No matter where people gend up in your system , that the opportunity to opt-in is available at several places. Once in the funnel, then the real works begins….

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Billy Mousser