Consistancy is Important to Online Success

Here we are after my performances tonight. Recording my efforts online and staying consistant with my online practices. Tonight I had problems with Post planner though. Appears that the messages are not posting. So josh from Post Planner send me some remedies on how to fix the issue. Will try later after I finish my daily blog.

Today I spent a little more time on creating a few capture pages for advertising and building my leads for my business.

Also attended my first Empower Network hangout with my team mates and my sponsor Kristie Ching. Got some nuggets from that experience. It was nice to see other team mates on the hangout too. We discuss the basics for Aweber email auto responder. Actually learned how to create segments for non-respondees. I usually create them for those who respond actually. Get a higher open rate with those who actually open your emails. Touogh bunch of cookies on my email list. Soon I will have to clean my list

Nevertheless, Working on staying committed to blogging, Facebook posting, responding, responding to other social media posts as well, and creating and developing new concepts for landing pages, trying them out and hope for the best. I’m still new at this and got a long way to go. Still at the Inner Circle level and working with what I got at the current moment. I must admit that building an online business takes work and dedication. Its the real deal withEmpower Network for sure. I’m glad I started off with the right system. The people, second to none man….

I actually cancelled my Blog Power Tool Submitter today because I wanted to improve my blogging by doing videos and customizing my writings. The Power Tool is a great tool but at this time, the topics are pretty generic. So I decided to challenge myself by doing my own!

Okay with all that said, I am signing off but before I go, if your not in the game you cannot win or be successful! Being in the game gives me a fighting chance. I can’t tell you enough and may sound like a broken record, this is the future, I want to retire in the near future, I needed to get in with the main stream bottom line regardless if I’m ahead or lagging behind, being in the game promises me I have a chance. So I recommend get out of your rutt, make a difference in your life and automatically liberate others to do the same. Empower Network is the best place to start BOOM! GET IN NOW! or wiat until you have to get in later! Thats the coices you have truthfully speaking…..

nuff sed,

Billy Mousser